Although I have not been blogging for as long as some people, I am honored and excited to receive my first award from Nessa, of Sewing Empire. Thank you so much!!! It’s wonderful to know that others view my work and enjoy it and are possibly inspired by it. Her creations are beautiful as well so everyone should check out her blog. 🙂

SotWqn5wluHere are the award rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
2. Put the Award logo on your blog.
3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.
4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
5. Nominate ten blogs.

My 10 nominations are:

1. Lily of Mode de Lis

2. Christina of On Living History (who is currently in Colonial Williamsburg for an internship at the Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop!)  Or see her facebook page.

3. Asa of Fashion Through History

4. Susan aka Lady Constance of Threading Through Time

5. Caroline of Dressed in Time

6. Taylor of Dames a la Mode

7. Katherine of The Fashionable Past

8. Jen of Festive Attyre

9. Erin of Beyond the Hourglass

10. Jessi of Artemisia Tridentata


Here are the questions I would like all of you to answer:

1. What type of music and/or movies do you like to have on while you work (work = sewing/creating art).

2. What gives you the most satisfaction while working on a new project?

3. What inspires you the most when you are mulling over what to create next?

4. Does it bother you if your pet lays on your fabric, paper etc while you are trying to work? And what are your pet(s) names?

5. How long ago did you get involved in your hobby?

6. What is the ultimate garment that you yearn to create?

7. What has been the mistake that taught you the most?

8. If you have any advice for someone just starting out in the hobby, what would it be?

9. Who has been the biggest inspiration and/or mentor when working on projects and/or keeping you motivated?

10. If you could attend any event (historical or otherwise) what would it be and why?


My answers to Nessa’s questions:

1. How long have you been blogging? I have been blogging only a short while: since 2012. It’s not very long, but I like having a place to “store” my project documentation and blogging is quite different from writing in a journal/diary. Because people are looking what what I write, it’s motivating to keep updating an choosing the best quality photos and proofreading my work.

2. What is / are your favorite topics to blog about? I remember being in college and researching 1890s and 1920s clothing for a costumed interpretation program for a historic site that I worked at. I stumbled upon The Fashionable Past’s original website with the documentation of her projects. I was literally in awe. Complete and utter astonishment. I had no idea people were sewing in this way. It took many years for me to finally jump in with both feet, but I’m glad I did. That brings me to this blog. Originally my title was because of my profession and hobby: teaching and reenacting. However, I’ve strayed away from blogging about teaching because of all the political crap that surrounds it. Teaching brings me a great deal of joy; I love my children to the moon and back. However, my living history hobby is *my* time. It’s my escape from a very intense week of lesson planning, grading, and playing mom essentially. Therefore, this blog helps me focus on the hobby aspect of my life. I enjoy documenting my sewing projects, but I especially love attending an event, taking pictures, editing them and then seeing what story emerges and figuring out how to tell the story of the event on my blog.

3. Do you have a favorite book and or author? And what do you love the most about them? My favorite author is Libba Bray. She writes the most awesome young adult novels ever. Seriously. I randomly stumbled upon her books in 2005 when I graduated college, but her writing is excellent and I was not bored one bit even though her audience is geared more for high school girls. Her blog is pretty damn funny too. Next favorite is hands down Isabel Allende. Her historical fiction is to die for. It is so poetic it’s divine.

4. Which is / are your favorite historical (sewing) periods? I LOVE the 18th and early 19th century clothing. I much prefer simple garments and gowns without a lot of fluff. Simple lines is where it’s at. Currently, I’ve only sewn garments for the 18th century, Napoleonic era, and one dress for 1830s. Maybe because I’m still new, I feel like the other time periods are a bit more complicated. Maybe I just need to jump in and do it once to see how it goes. I wore a bustle dress when I worked at Old World Wisconsin and *loved* it!!! Bustles rock. I need to own one.

5. Do you have a piece of clothing in your wardrobe that you really love? Historical clothing: my rose colored worsted wool 18th century gown. It is comfy and is tailored to fit me like a glove. Modern clothing: my Great Gatsby t-shirt with skinny jeans. My students think I’m a cool nerd.

6. Which sewing technique would you love to learn? There is a fancy 18th century way to sew the sleeve to the lining and you flip it inside out or something? I’m not sure. I’ve only been shown, not actually tried it myself. But I feel it would go a long way to making the sleeve sewing process better.

7. If a time traveler offered to take you anywhere in time and space where would you go? I can’t choose just one, so top three: 1) 18th cent, 2) Edwardian in a house like on the Downton Abbey show (I just can’t decide if I’d want to live upstairs or downstairs), and 3) 1920s when F. Scott Fitzgerald was alive. I want to go to a party at Gatsby’s house!

8. Describe your ideal dress fabric. Linen. I love it.

9. Which is the most important sewing or crafting tool? I love my wax for waxing my linen thread. I smell it every time I use it. Haha.

10. Are you more of a lace person or a ruffle person? Neither. Haha. I like pleats.