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I do not have any photos, but I made cookies/cake from scratch today at work. I rarely bake. Okay….I don’t really bake at all. Duncan Hines brownie mix is about as close as I get….oh and the cream cheese pie I make for the husband’s birthday that has a million cups of sugar in it. But besides those, baking is not something I enjoy on a regular basis. However, today I made “excellent drop cakes” at Four Mile. I think they are called drop cakes because the batter is more like cake batter than it is cookie dough. It’s kind of gloppy. Yes, it was a little time consuming to beat the eggs for 10 min and stir in the sugar gradually and then the milk and then 2.5 cups of flour gradually. But during that time, I was chatting with people and waiting for the oven to heat up. So it was not that long of a process. I followed the recipe and everything turned out quite well!!! The first batch kind of soaked up the butter from the pan (kind of like the first crepe that goes in the pan and is a dud), but they didn’t burn and they didn’t look inedible, and after that the next two batches turned out extremely well. I guess the title is correct!