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I was asked to chaperone prom because apparently I am a “super fun person.” I had avoided dances in the past because well, when you get to be of a certain age, that type of dancing is just not appealing; it’s revolting. But the theme sucked me in. Who wouldn’t want to go to a prom with the theme of Roaring Twenties?! And then divine inspiration struck: I would have a new dress!!!!! Clearly none of the ten or so dresses in my closet safely stowed in garment bags were appropriate for this time period. I had two weeks. I could do this. And I did!!! I started looking online at options. I’m not one of the “boy look” of the twenties. I also prefer to use my big hips to my advantage – hence the 18th century styles really suit me (though I love Regency and that is an entirely different silhouette….oh well off topic). Anyway, I was inspired by the Robe de Style and Jeanne Lanvin. The lines were graceful, simple, and elegant.

I read this blog; we all know her work in the costuming world.

I loved this color:




But I loved this neckline and bodice line:

Robe de Style 2


So I purchased my fabric (and one of my co-workers gave me a 50% off coupon so woohoo!)



I used one of my mom’s vintage patterns from the 70’s for the top. This picture was before I cut the neckline a little lower. The pattern was for a longer knee or floor length dress, but I just drew the line at my mid-hip for the dropped waist.




Because time was an issue, I needed something simple and fast. Also silk ravels easily so I decided to line the bodice the modern way. Once the two pieces were lined, overall there were two shoulder and one side seam to sew. The fabric was 44 inches wide and I wanted the skirt to be quite flowy/poofy so I sewed three panels together which equaled 132 inches around. I used the 18th century method of making a skirt which meant I kept three rectangles and joined the selvage edges and left the one side open. (I hate dresses that I have to struggle into, so I made the opening wide enough that I could step into it on the side and pull it over my head. Ha). That opening was then closed with snaps down the side. (FYI: sewing snaps on under time constraints is super annoying).

While the dress went together quickly, I had the caffeine shakes Sat morning as I was sewing for 5 hrs straight under pressure to get it done by 3 p.m. Everything worked out in the end, but there were some things I would have liked to have slowed down. I also want to sew on a sequin ribbon/trim. Again, because of time, I just tied it around my waist like a belt.

Here is the final:

Robe de Style 4


I wore the same shoes I wore at my wedding and they were comfy; I also wore a little hair piece that I wore at my wedding reception!

Robe de Style 8



Robe de Style 2



Robe de Style 6



It’s a fun, flirty style. If/when I make this dress again, I will make the bodice a wee smaller width wise so it’s a bit more snug, but still falling straight from the shoulders.