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I really thought I could make the Feb 15th deadline. I kept telling myself, “I got this. It’s only a bedgown in the shape of a T. I already made one and it was super easy…so yeah! I got his!” And then, not exactly disaster, but close to it struck. We missed some days of school because of the cold so my kids needed more practice time. Being the self-sacrificing person that I am, I figure that it is perfectly reasonable/doable/acceptable to stay at school three nights in a row until 7 p.m. coaching. Awesome idea = not. I did not realize how tired I was when I finally got home at 7:45 p.m. after having been at school since 6:30 a.m. After three days of super late nights, I woke up Friday morning hot, achy, chilled, dizzy, aching deep down in my throat, and a super awesome cough to boot. Swell. I forced myself to go to school Friday and I sat most of the day because I was on the verge of fainting in my 80 degree classroom even thought I was freezing. Given my schedule and my body’s betrayal, zero sewing was actually accomplished this week. Saturday was another forensics tournament that had me up at 4:50 a.m. and out the door by 6 so I could be on a freezing cold bus by 6:30 a.m. The tournament went well and I felt better as the day progressed, but zero work is done at these tournaments besides working the tournament. Therefore, the pink bedgown still hangs on the dress form, un-hemmed, the sides (at the hip level) still need to be pleated and sewn down, the edge of the sleeve needs to be hemmed, and the collar portion at the back of the neck needs to be redone because I thought I could sew it a different way than I had the first time (even though the first time totally worked amazingly well). *sigh*. 

*Note sudden transformation into sewing hulk monster* 

I will finish this garment!!!!!!!!!