After making the brown worsted wool frock coat last fall, Mr. B trusted my sewing skills enough to request I make him a 1790s double-breasted waistcoat. This was the second piece of men’s clothing I have ever made in my life. It made it its debut on the summer sailing adventure. It is the Kannik’s Korner Men’s 1790 – 1815 pattern.  We used view c and just increased the width of the fronts so they could be buttoned either way and so that there were two rows of buttons.


Looking more casual in camp in the above picture.


In the picture below, wearing new fancy breeches, new short jacket, new beaver fur hat, and new pumps.





We studied several pictures of originals and noted how all of them had really thin shoulders, just two inches across. We modified the KK pattern slightly there as well. Mr. B is my button coverer. Our agreement is if he wants an item with buttons, he gets to cover all the buttons. He does a great job too!




The other modification was where the back / side seams fell. The pattern had that seam nearly under the armpit. But again, originals showed it being more toward the back. So that seam was moved as well. img_20190810_175311267_hdr1221894254.jpg


The other new skill I acquired was making welt pockets!! They totally freaked me out at first (like buttonholes on the brown wool frock coat did), but I looked at lots of pictures and most importantly, made a practice one first following the instructions to a T. It worked! I was ecstatic when I realized I had done it. This linen had a really loose weave, which I did not particularly enjoy sewing with and after only wearing the garment several times this summer, it is started to stretch and show wear and tear.


On the whole, I highly recommend Kannik’s Korner patterns if you’ve never used them. This one was super easy to follow. I enjoyed the process very much. Mr. B loves his waistcoat. He is excited to have another entirely hand sewn garment based on originals. These pictures were taken at Grand Portage Historical site, on the gorgeous shores of Lake Superior, at their yearly event in August.