As I get further and further into the hobby (lifestyle?) of living history, I expand into new time periods and learn more about each of them. That fuels my need/want for more accessories, which will improve my historical persona(s). I am so grateful to have friends and family who not only respect my hobby, but also spoil me with gifts at Christmas time.

I received hand knit wool stockings from my mother-in-law; this had been an ongoing project that we had planned. I will finally get to wear these in the spring!


Although you can’t tell in the picture, they are ridiculously long. They go way above my knee to keep my legs warm!

She also knit me a neck warmer with wool purchased from Suzy the Shepherdess, a local woman who sells wool. This gift was very unexpected, but extremely appreciated because my neck is always cold at events.


Although hard to tell from the picture, it’s just long enough to cover my shoulders and in the middle, it juts in on each side so it rests smoothly along my neck without gaping. I loved it so much, I started using it immediately Christmas day and my neck stayed very warm!

Lastly,  a friend made and gave me a jewelry box and my m-i-l bought me a necklace from In the Long Run. (Her clothing and jewelry is outstanding).


I am so excited to use all of these new items at events!!!