This is the second year the Ox Bow Tavern and Black Horse Inn came together to educate people about Christmas in the 1840s. We occupied one of the historic buildings – the Whitman Store on one end and the tavern/house on the other. The store was originally a log building before the stone one was built. Stephen Mack had a trading post located in his side yard before he built his house and Whitman had his log trading post.

At our event, William Whitman, store owner, was reading from A Visit from St. Nick  to the children. In the house section, we had a children’s activity of making paper Christmas ornaments.

In both buildings, our greenery decorations were simple because decorating giant trees was not popular back then, and we wanted to convey this concept to the public. It was really nice to teach people about Christmas traditions from the time period and to have them connect it to their modern day traditions. The event was just from 12 – 3:30 p.m., one day only, but was a really nice way to start to bring in the Christmas season. The public enjoyed their time on site, viewing the buildings, hearing stories and making a craft.

The store…






Inside the house…



The young M and I had matching American Duchess boots!!!