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I am insanely jealous of all the bloggers I follow who crank out these amazing garments in what seems to me like just a few weeks time. I don’t know if that’s actually what happens, but regardless, I admire those who are really good at making patterns and sewing and just whipping up these fabulous items. I know I’ve written this before, but school is so soul sucking during the year and over the summer I was so physically drained from the past year that I did not sew anything. Zero. How pathetic. So of course when I have an event (that I know about well in advance), I instantly jump to deadline fear.

Well I had a year — an entire year — to trim my 1840s gown. Did I accomplish anything over the summer? No. When did I start? The week before. I had all these plans and then push came to shove and I could not execute. I think I just don’t know enough about patterning yet to get the pieces to come out the way I envision them. Or my mannequin is really so differently shaped than me that whatever I drape on it looks super weird on my body.

I was stressing mid-week and then I realized that it was more important to fix the placement of my hooks and eyes so my dress actually closes and that it didn’t matter if I got any fancy trim done on the neckline because it would be so cold that I would just wrap a shawl around my shoulders anyway.

Here is the only trimming I finished:


I found some lace at my local antique store and thought it was pretty. I had just enough for both sleeves.



I was also pleased with how my hair turned out. I looked at some 1840s fashion plates and whipped this up.


Over Easter break, I randomly came across a muff in an antique store. Originally I thought it was beaver, but now we think it may be mink. Either way, I finally got to use it at an event!! My other item that was finally finished for this event was my quilted hood (all I needed to do was sew on the ties to each side). (Ignore my modern purse strap in this photo….totally forgot I had it on).