Petty Sutler 1


What the item is: Unbleached linen apron

The Challenge: #3 Protection

Fabric/Materials: The last end of a bolt of linen – maybe a yard and a half for the apron? (I have scrap left over)

Pattern: none – a rectangle!

Year: 18th cent

Notions: 1/4 inch cotton twill tape and unbleached linen thread

How historically accurate is it? 80% – from what I can tell from researching, because work aprons were used so heavily, the strings wore out and the original strings rarely accompany an extant garment; therefore, I kind of had to wing how the ties attached at the waist band. I gathered the top and laid the tape on top of it instead of binding the waist band. The tape was not wide enough and I didn’t want the waist to be super bunchy. I like things to lay flat against my waist.

Hours to complete: 3 – 4 hours

First worn: Petrifying Springs in Kenosha, WI for the NWTA event June 11/12

Total cost: $6.00

A little more info about the picture above. Inspired by the gals out east, my friends convinced me to take up a petty sutler impression. I started researching and I am entirely fascinated by the women who did this. I borrowed my friend’s cart and casks of “mystery liquor” (yes I had a liquor license as the women would have).  I sold soap, kale, carrots, potatoes, onions, tobacco, small linen bags to carry personal items, candles, and fresh baked bread. As much as I like to sit around and sew at events, this gave me a bit more to do and I could interact with soldiers and the public a little bit more easily and for a little bit longer.

The above pic was taken on Sun when the temperature topped out at about 67 and Sat the high was 96. Awesome. Thank you Midwest late Spring!

Here are two more photos:

New apron 1New apron 2