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As I’ve hit my 30’s, I really have a preference for classic clothing from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I know it’s not possible to buy original pieces all the time and wear them, so I’m settling for the next best thing: the resurgence of these styles in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. When visiting my mom recently, she let me raid her closet. When in high school, I’d see some of her retro outfits (that weren’t really that old when I was in high school) and I’d be like, “gross mom why do you have that still?” She’d always reply with, “One day you’ll think this is really cool and you’ll want to wear it too”. Well – that day has totally arrived. We played dress up for an hour with me trying on all sorts of her old clothing and shoes. It was a really great way to spend the afternoon with my mom.

I’ve decided to write a series of posts about these different articles of clothing to inspire others to bring back some goodies from the past.

Outfit 1 IMG_20160104_130935741


Vintage/Retro Items:

  • Grey hounds-tooth skirt
  • Black/taupe heels

Modern Items:

  • Purple sweater
  • Dark grey herringbone tights

Why I love this skirt: great length and keeps me warm!

My summer skirts are just that – summery. The fabrics are light and airy and the colors are bright; but these skirts are anything but warm. I start wearing long underwear/leggings in Oct and I’m always cold all winter. Summer skirts do nothing to help me retain heat. I’ve been on the look out for nice, wool skirts that come to or just below my knees and are lined and have a nice waist band that actually fits. (I have large hips but a tiny waist and I don’t like when skirts are snug around my hips and gaping at the waist). I’m not willing to pay $100+ for a wool skirt, so I’m really glad my mom gave me this one!

This skirt was sewn by my mom to match a grey wool blazer. The skirt has a little bit of a stretchy/elastic waistband on the back half and closes with two hooks and eyes. The rest of the waistband is straight. There are also pockets!! It is made of 4 gores and has two tiny pleats/tucks on either side of the center of the skirt. It is not lined, but I wear a slip with all my skirts. I also really like the way it drapes.



To me it is very reminiscent of the skirt styles from the 50s. I was a little worried when wearing it to school that one of my students would be all, “hey where’s the poodle for your skirt?” Except I’m thinking one of two things: 1) no one knows what a poodle skirt is anymore or 2) it didn’t look as poodle-skirt-ish as I thought.

The shoes were also a great find in her closet. They have a low enough heel that my arches did not get sore. Apparently dress shoes from the 80s had squishier insides? Why did they stop making heels that way? I love the two tone shoes and the little ties on them. My mom kept her clothing and shoes in excellent condition and I’m so glad she did.

All around, I’m excited to wear this skirt again and to see what other sweaters I can pair it with!