Alas I am behind in posting. Earlier in the fall, I attended the huge World War II event in Rockford, IL. A lot of people I know have been to this event and I finally worked up the guts to go, albeit by myself. I wish I would have asked my friends. Oh well.

The main reason I was suddenly and randomly inspired to go: I bought a 1940s hat at an antique store this summer. It made me happy and I just really wanted a reason to wear it.

Here are a smattering of photos from the before (when I forced Mr. H to take photos of me) and during the event.


This was a thrown together outfit the weekend before. It is in no way historically accurate. I call it more “reminiscent of”. My dress is my mom’s from the 70’s when the 40’s thing kinda came back in style. The shoes I got at Target about 9 years ago when I first started teaching and the Target designers had way more vintage classic styles. I styled my hair after my grandma’s hair style in a black and white photo I have of her. I remember her telling me they used juice cans as curlers? No idea how they did that. I wish I had asked her before she passed away. I did the best I could with my super long hair.



hat close up 2

The hat!!

Now some from the event itself…

jumping practice

german camp 2