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I wasn’t happy with my pleating job last time. It sat for a week on the dress form across the living room where I stared at it. I made tinier pleats and ended up getting nine on each side. I love pleats.

First try:



Second try:



With the new pleating job, I moved the sides of the back skirt back just a tad. I basted the pleats into place and sewed the skirt to the bodice. It hangs quite nicely now and looks even better than I had planned/hoped.

On the dress form:



The way the gathers ended up on in the middle, it looks like a bunch of pleats, but it’s not.

I’ve decided that because I will need to double check the bib/apront part that goes over the bust, I have to make a mock up first. The same goes for the sleeves. My sister is larger than me in these areas and I can’t risk anything. She also gets cranky if clothing is too tight. Hehe. It’s an adventure!!!