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For a while now, I’ve been wanting to reread more books. I keep reading new ones because I want to read more new books by Sarah Dunant or Fitzgerald. However, we all know that you discover so much the second, third, or fourth time you read a book. Thus far in my life there are two books that I have consistently reread (and up to this point, I’m not a huge rereader).

First book was from my youthful summers on the shores of Lake Superior. In one of the tourist shops on either Mackinac Island or at Fort Michilimackinac, I discovered the book Traders in Time. It was the first time travel book that seemed plausible to me. Two siblings are playing in the woods; one gets hit on the head or falls out of a tree or something and gets transported back to the time of the fur trappers and traders in the Great Lakes regions. Awesome! I think I read this book almost every summer. Sadly, I have not read it since high school I think.

The other book I’ve read about once every 5 or 6 years is The Great Gatsby. Like all high school kids, I read it in American Lit. Then I read it in college just for the heck of it. Then I read it again when I was teaching it a few years ago. I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is my all time favorite. I love it so much, I even bought this shirt. And then I bought one for my sister too. Seriously I love it that much. Fitzgerald is a genius. I love the movie as well. Also genius.

Anyway. I made a group on facebook for this year long challenge. It’s called “Year of the Re-read.”

If you follow me and you’d be interested in joining the group, check it out. Group.

There are some ground rules.
1. No book bashing. No hating on people just because they love a certain book.
2. Read for at least 10 min every day.
3. Try to keep track of when you start and finish the book. (Hard copy in a journal or join goodreads.com and friend us on there too).
4. Each month, take a picture of the book you read and add it to that month’s photo album. For each book include the following information:
– First time you read the book:
– Why you decided to reread it:
– How long it took you to reread it:
– New insights, epiphanies, and/or overall reactions/feelings about the book the second time around:
– Recommend it for others:
5. Post general awesomeness on this page to get people reading!

We hope you join us!!!!