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The HSM 2015 is really forcing me to kick it in to high gear. I realized I have less than 160 some days until Waterloo. Deadline fear?!! Perhaps. But not yet. I could have been working on this over Christmas break, but instead I did something else. And what that is, I can’t exactly recall.

Yesterday’s achievements:

– Cutting out both skirt panels

– Cutting angled gores for front skirt panel

– Stitching gores to front panel

This does not seem like a lot of work and probably more advanced seamstresses could accomplish this in a few hours. But I was washing clothes, cooking food, playing with the cat AND my sister is 5’11”. I think I’ve said this before, but sewing her side seams will be the longest part of most of my sewing time.


Kitty helping determine how to cut the pattern.













For the front panel, the top of the picture shows the gore lined up. The bottom of the picture, where you can barely see the pins, is the gore pinned in place and ready to be sewn. Under the pins, I did a medium sized basting stitch. Then I did a rolled hem and whipstitched it in place, making tiny pin pricks going through both layers of fabric. The result is kind of like a French seam. All the raw edges are encased.

P.S. Though the fabric looks blue-ish in the photo, there is a tad more green to it. I’m not sure this would fit in to the “blue challenge” though. Trying to figure out where it does fit….