My beautifully handsewn huswife took a bath the other day. It was my fault. I usually cap pens back up before I place them on my side table. However, I didn’t think anything of leaving my purple pen uncapped. I settled in to grade papers, picked up my pen and noticed it was out of ink. ?? I had another purple pen next to it and thought I picked up the wrong one. Nope. Both were empty. How did I run out of ink in this brand new pen?! I haven’t graded that many papers (I know I write a lot of comments on my students’ writing, but geeze). And then I noticed my huswife sitting on the table……and it had been sitting on top of the pen….for I don’t know how many hours…..

This happened:

In this pic, my hand, for reference is 6 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide.


I freaked out. Even my husband felt bad and exclaimed, “Oh no honey, I remember when you made that and how much time you put in to it. I’m so sorry.”

So the huswife got a bath. I soaked it for 24 hours in cold water with shout stain remover. This was the result:


Not too bad.


I don’t have time to make a new one. There is technically nothing wrong with this one either. I just need to craft a story about the cat knocking over a pot of ink while I was mending something on the table. Seems plausible right?