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I kind of got behind in the declutter challenge. I may have written this before, but when school starts, everything else gets put on hold. *sigh* Finding items to toss/donate was not a top priority. Sleeping was. As a result, I had to go all the way back to Day 16 and all the way to 25 equaling 220. The husband said I cheated because I counted pieces of paper inside my school bag. I beg to differ. They were all in there. So yeah. Here is what the final collection looked like in the entry way of the house.



I stood on the stairs to take this picture.


And now I decided that it was finally time for a new school bag. My mom purchased a messenger bag for me when I was 13 from the Army Surplus Store when we still lived in Michigan. I never used it through high school because, well, sorry mom, it wasn’t cool. I pulled it out when I started to student teach and I’ve used it since 2004.




It’s really rugged, holds tons of papers (see picture above), and has taken a good beating.





Because I’m sure I carry way too much stuff, the clip thing got kind of janky and started to dig into the fabric. It ripped all the way through and looks ghetto.


New bag! I’d found the Timbuk2 bag on a review for a Patagonia bag actually. I really wanted to order online and choose custom colors to express my personality and stuff. But it was just too expensive. There is an REI not too far from me, and red was the best they had.




Notice the lack of papers because they all got trashed.

Old and new together.