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I got behind again and now I’m caught up. I can’t seem to find the number of items I need on the day I need them. What’s up with that? It took me three or so days to collect eight and then all of a sudden I have a ton more stuff!

Day 8 – Clothing and body spray




Day 9 – more clothing, including tank tops of which I have a lot. Seriously. It’s out of control. So I’m donating these and only keeping the ones that I wear on a regular basis. The white thing is a sweater that I’ve had since I was 17. It’s 14 years old. Why did I keep it all this time when I have not worn it in the last five years? Well, it was the first white sweater that I bought on my own that I truly fell in love with. Is that even possible? It was just that perfect fit and I looked great in it. But it stopped fitting me. Now it must go to someone else.





Day 10 – I started packing my “back to school boxes” and I had this huge box that everything from my desk fit in. It was a bit ridiculous. Some of it had to go. IMG_7078