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For the past three days, I did not have the time to post every night the items I was tossing/donating for the Declutter Challenge, so here they are now.

Day 4 – more bathroom items




Day 5 – no theme purpose here, just stuff I found on the enclosed porch (in the winter, the porch becomes random storage area). In the summer I want it to be the extra-outdoor-room area with comfy couches and what not. The clutter needs to go from the porch. Yes, the husband’s belt was on the porch.




Day 6 – My clothing/shoe stash needs help. I keep thinking I’ll save all these items for my daughters (which btw, I don’t have yet) because my mom saved some of her stuff and it’s retro-awesome-vintage and I can fit in to some of it. When I looked at these items again, I thought, would a daughter say, “wow mom, this is so retro I want to wear it because it’s definitely back in style.” No I don’t believe that. So this pile will be donated.





Day 7 – Another random assortment. I went back through my bathroom shelves, back through the collections on the porch, and then into the frig. How long has the powdered sugar and chocolate chips been in the back?!! Ah!!!