You know what makes me laugh? Going back and reading posts where I write things like, “I’m going to totally just focus on making our dresses for Waterloo.” (Okay that’s not a direct quote, but that’s the gist of it). A month after that post, what am I working on? A jacket to wear by Aug 30. It’s a basic 18th century jacket, not needed for Waterloo and not appropriate for any other time period except the 18th century and because as I’ve mentioned before, I crave the rush of sewing right up to the last minute. Ha.

Yesterday I washed my fashion fabric and lining – both delightfully lightweight linens from WM Booth. Then today I started to cut out the pieces. I’ve yet to cut out the striped fashion fabric; so far I only have the lining cut out. However, I’m very excited to work on this *hopefully* simple project. I can’t decide yet if I want to dress up this garment in any way. I really like the style of self-made ruffly ribbon trim from the fashion fabric like these:

And then a neat black little silk bow right in the front center at the top would look really smart. My other jacket is a darker solid blue linen and more of an every day/work/middle class garment. Therefore, I wouldn’t mind having a little bit fancier jacket. But then I think, oh no, I really want/need another working garment. I can’t decide!!!!!