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I’ve begun sewing my sister’s gown for Waterloo. We are similar in build, though she is slightly taller than me. Having just hand sewn a dress for myself with this pattern, I thought I might as well get started on hers before I forget everything. While on vaca at the family cottage, I whipped together the three part bodice and we had our first fitting. It fit her well and I’m excited to work on the next parts. After figuring out some interesting parts on my own gown (skirt gores, waist band, setting sleeves), her dress should be a breeze.

I have a lovely blue and white striped cotton that I can’t decide if I want to use for a ball gown for her or another day dress. It’s heavenly and I also hope I have enough fabric to make other things for me!

The color is hard to see because of the yellowish lighting as a result of the setting I used on my camera. But these photos are more for me to remember how it fit her.












I love this above photo because of how she has her head wilting back in annoyance. The things we do for our sisters so they will look awesome at an event. Alas, she was not willing to withstand one more minute of a five minute fitting!