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Like many, I finished my dress the night before an event. Why? Because I have no idea. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that hemming and other light sewing does not make me ill in the car, so I hemmed the small bits of the gores and sewed down the skirt tuck in about 2 hours and I did not even notice we were already outside Madison! Good thing the husband likes to drive and I can sew.

Thurs night I finished resetting the new gored side pieces. This was the fastest sewing I think I have ever done. The only thing that annoys me a little bit about the way the seams go together is that the fabric, even though it is a lighter weight linen, is still pretty thick when it gets folded over twice. Then when I was folding over the edges around the openings at the top of the skirt band (you know the section where you stop sewing so you can access your pockets and what not), my fabric was not exactly cooperative so there is some wonky/janky folding going on up there. Luckily, I’m not waving my arms around like a hooligan at these events so no one will ever see!

I’m so glad I put the tuck in the front of the skirt too. I think I ended up taking in about 1 inch, maybe more, I can’t recall, but no more than 1.75. I could finally walk quickly (in a most lady-like fashion of course)! I was no longer tripping on my dress – huzzah! However, I think some man decided trains on dresses would be another delightful way to keep women from moving in multiple directions. Myself and another woman in camp had our fabric just a wee bit longer in the back of our skirts and we would step backwards to move out of the way and practically trip! Grrrrr. But I love how when there is a slight breeze and I’m walking and my skirt billows out behind me – even if it is a middling class gown that will get dirty by the fire.

All in all, my alterations were a success. I’m glad I learned new techniques and as always, got everything finished in time for the event. I especially want to thank Christina J for all her help with the alterations. She talked me through a lot of it via fb chat and for this I am extremely grateful. You should check out her blog here, because she is awesome.

I want to take a break from sewing like a madwoman the day before I need to wear it. I have several things to work on, but Waterloo dresses need to get done soon so those will be the main focus for the time being. I really need to find a lightweight white fabric for my fancy ball dress too.

Even though this is not me in the brown gown, I like the picture anyway!

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