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This may be the last War of 1812 at this site, so I’m extremely glad I went. Again, I participated as Ox Bow Tavern family staff. We served two meals during the day and drinks Sat night. Dinner Saturday evening was provided for us by Rob Stone and it was wonderful to not have to cook for a third time that day. 🙂 His staff did an amazing job!

During the day, I had the opportunity to tour Villa Louis, which I had never been to before. I love late Victorian homes and it was wonderful to walk through this house (even if I was in Regency clothing).

First, some pictures of tavern life, and then the Villa.

Breakfast Sunday


Crayfish Crayfish for salad Looking for a drink Lemons


Lemons and oranges


Lemons 3


Lemons 2




Patrons of the Ox Bow


Salmagundi for Saturday midday meal

Saturday midday meal 2


Serving Saturday midday meal


Crayfish and smoke chicken for salmagundyServing


Serving 2


Saturday midday meal




Sun breakfast


Saturday midday meal line up


Sunday breakfast customers


Syllabub stationSyllabub station


Tavern customers


Salad 2


Ladies of the Ox Bow…

Ox Bow ladies


Ox Bow implements


The new mulling cone for flips!

Mulling cone 2


Ox Bow ladies 5



And now Villa Louis! Pictures were prohibited inside, but I hope mine will inspire people to visit the site! The inside of the house was stunning. Everything is picture perfect and when I stepped into the servants’ quarters, I felt like I would see Carson or Mrs. Hughes around the corner at any moment (even if Downton Abbey is set 1912 onward).

Windows West side 2 Preserve house Out building Office building

Pretty little ice house!
Ice house


Beautiful brickwork
Brick work on ice house


Front walkway
Front walkway


Front roof Front of house Fly Climbing flowers 2 Climbing purple flowers Brick walkway 2 Backyard 2