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I may have mentioned this before, but now it’s an all systems go project. On Jun 14, there is an event an hour south of my home and it’s a Napoleonic Timeline event. I portray the Tavern Keepers’ daughter. (It’s a swell time). Anyway, there is to be a dance at this event. I, of course, like any girl, want(ed) a new dress. However, time is a huge factor what with end of the year grading, moving stuff out of the classroom, and sewing a new working gown to wear at this event also. (Oh and next weekend, two weeks before the event, I’m hoping to crank out my first pair of Regency stays. *fingers crossed*). I asked the fab group on Historical Sew Fortnightly fb and everyone agreed that I should just re-trim my old gown. Hurray. It’s a most Regency thing to do as well.

I now have color choices of ribbon:



From left to right, the colors are: soft mocha, navy, orchid, cream, deep purple, and dove grey. They are polyester samples from JoAnn’s. I try to be authentic in every aspect of my appearance and demeanor at events. And I really can’t bear the thought of polyester ribbon on my dress. I will most likely drop some money on silk.

And here is my inspiration.

I want a really simple, easy to do trim. This can only take one to two days of sewing; no more.

Yesterday, I was looking at my blue dress and realized with horror that the hem was filthy. I may or may not have washed it after the last time wearing it in Dec. Woops. I try not to wash my clothes too much so they look worn, authentic, etc, but if this was to be a fancier dress, I couldn’t go to the dance looking like I spent all day cooking by the fire!!!!! I also try to hand wash as much of my stuff so that it does not get wear and tear in the washer. Light bulb! I thought my idea was genius. I grabbed my little nail scrubby brush (which my mother swears by and bought me three of them) and put a dollop of lavender hand soap on it. I scrubbed the entire hem of my dress. It ALL came out. I am shocked and really pleased. I knew lavender has natural cleaning properties (and it’s my fave smell/color); however, I didn’t expect my hem to get this clean. (And the dance will be in a dimly lit area with libations flowing so no one will notice it anyway). So huzzah!!!