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The first warm weekend and I intended to sew, but did quite the opposite. First it began with a trip to a new antique store a few towns over. I’d never been inside and it looked pretty good. It’s a consignment shop meets antique store and she had some good stuff; specifically a fabulous rocking chair that I wanted super badly. I still have not gone back to get it. I feel like it would be a good chair to have on the screened porch. After perusing that store, I headed to The Home Depot because I thought they might have furniture slip covers. Nope. But they had lots of fun flowers. I got those instead.

All the flowers went in the ground. We’ve had a bit of a drop in temps since this planting; hopefully none got damaged too badly. This year I’m trying snap dragons, verbena, and vinca vine again. All three did well last summer and I think the snap dragons just need more water than the others. New this year: celosia, speedwell, and columbine (there are others, but I can’t recall their names). It’s funny how each year different plants catch my eye. I didn’t find celosia all that appealing last year, but this year I was like ooh that’s fun! Hehe.

The tulips, hostas, bleeding hearts, hyacinths, crocuses, irises, surprise lilies, day lilies, pin cushion, and jonquils all came back this year. I love perennials. Each year I like to buy one more perennial to expand my collection. I added big purple and white hyacinth to the big pink ones by the giant rock. I also got two new kinds of tulips to go with the bright red ones.

Here is a sample of some of the flowers so far….

IMG_6254 IMG_6207 Columbine Shade flowers 2 New tulips New tulips 3 New tulips 2 Lilacs 1 Flowers 2014 Hostas 2014