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One month to make an 1810 work dress for an event in June. This will be my third time using Reconstructing History’s bib front morning dress pattern. I’m familiar with how everything goes together and this time I’m hand sewing it all. Hurray!! I chose a brown striped linen fabric because I did not want it showing the dirt. I didn’t have any fabric for the lining that I liked, so I just grabbed my mock up muslin because the off white color was good enough.

Now, I’m madly hand sewing every day after school. It gives me something to look forward to when I wake up in the morning and when I’m watching kids take quizzes. Anywho, the good camera is at my husband’s desk at his job, so I don’t have any pictures, but this afternoon I finished hand lining the bodice. It’s not too much of a painstakingly slow and tedious process as one would think. I really enjoy the look of a hand sewn lined bodice. It’s so pretty now that that part is done. 

I’m in that sewing mood/mode of “do I go ahead and cut the skirt pieces and sew those together?  Or do I just continue to look at pictures on pinterest to help me figure out how I’m going to retrim my other Regency gown?” Yeaaaaahhhhhhh.