Because of my love for historical/vintage clothing, I geek out when I see a modern reinterpretation/bringing back of any vintage style. So a bit ago, my husband “dragged” me to Kohl’s because he needs new clothes. (What woman doesn’t want to go shopping with her man?) We were perusing the suit selections when I saw a “Haggar 1926 Original.” I may or may not have squeed out loud in the store. Luckily no one was nearby to hear me. I grabbed my husband’s arm and demanded he try on the jacket. He likes a nicely tailored suit jacket and this one was pretty swell. It fit him perfectly. We were a little saddened by the price – almost $200. *sigh* Was it worth it? Yes…..kind of…..1926!! Com’on!!!!!!! Kohl’s digital sale display signs all over the store looked a little wonky, so I went over to the scan price tag machine and the suit jacket came up as $80.00!!! What?! A sign? Absolutely! The suit came home. My husband wore it to school on Monday because he was so excited. I had to take pictures – he’s so cute!!!! 

Neil suit 1


Neil suit 2


Neil suit 3


Neil suit 4