I’m going to be honest. I don’t work out. Ever. Except for walking really fast from the parking lot to my classroom or walking fast from my classroom to the copy machine because I instantly need copies or wandering around my room at a leisurely place when my kids are quizzing, I don’t work out. I eat ice cream; I enjoy cake. While my muscles are not bulging, I can lift heavy boxes and the like. However, back at the end of April at the first event of the season, we had a long day of cooking and moving and doing. The last time I wore stays was in Dec at a similar type of event. There are not a lot of events from Dec – April that occur in my area or that I can attend because of my teaching schedule. But apparently after three solid months during the summer of wearing a corset/stays five days a week, four months of not wearing stays/corset was enough to turn my core muscles to goo. No beuno. Hence, after my event in April, my entire core was extremely sore/achy. Not cool.

I mentioned this to my sister whose job is a lot more physical than mine. Recently she started a core/yoga routine in the mornings. She demonstrated the main position that strengthens the core. Basically, you get in the position for doing a push up. But then angle your arms from the elbows forward in a triangle shape and rest your weight on your forearms/toes. Here is a really terrible drawing of it. Just google “yoga dolphin plank pose” and you’ll see it. Anyway, you are supposed to hold the pose for 60 sec; I alas cannot accomplish this feat. I was going to do two sets of 30 and take a teeny break in between….yeah well that did not happen. So currently I’m at 45 sec. I’d say that’s decent. I hope to ramp it up in a week or so.

I have an intense summer of working at OWW and attending lots of events where I will be cooking/moving/lifting heavy pots etc and I need to have solid core muscles so I don’t wake up sore every day.