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Well it’s Jan 27, and the only reason the Christmas tree came down today was the “cold day” from school. Per my previous post, I was swamped with grading for the past two weekends in a row. Now that the forensics season is in full swing, tournaments last all day Saturday so until March 29 (state when our season ends), I’m short one full day of grading. However, a few weekends ago, I just needed that mental break from reading horrid writing. My mental breaks usually involve something crafty with my hands because I find the creativity invigorating. Therefore, I made some more holiday garland (as I’m recently obsessed with this quick, cheap, and easy way to decorate). 

I have lots of scrapbook paper to use up and it’s not being used for much else so I made hearts and strung them on grey wool yarn!!! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!! 


The Christmas tree is still up in this photo. Hehe.

I took an assortment of red, pink, and purple (in all shades) scrapbook card stock and made two pieces of garland that are hung vertically on either side of the opening of the living room. To balance it, I put the hearts in the same colored order. (And yep, that’s my dress form sporting a UFO).