When I moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, my sister and I and our friends went ice skating on an outdoor rink right next to Lake Superior. It was the best Fri/Sat night activity ever. Because our house was the closest to the rink, after skating we would all come back there and drink hot cocoa and watch a movie. When I moved to WI for college and then settled here, I’ve really missed skating. I’v always wanted to skate in the winter as a form of exercise. Then we bought our house on 1.5 acres. Score! Enough room for an ice rink! Well, my husband did not really want the grass to get “ruined” and how would we haul that water out there anyway? Yeah. Well yesterday/last night, the temperatures rose, the snow melted, it rained and it froze. Our entire driveway is now an ice rink!!!!!!!!! Sweet!!!!!!!! It’s a little bumpy because the ground is uneven, but totally skate-able. I yelled for my husband to come take pictures of me. He did. Haha. I skated for about 15 min back and forth, up and down my drive way and got a nice little work out. It’s a shame the ice won’t stay. This is by far the highlight of my winter!!