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I lucked out. I really did. My husband had school last week Thurs/Fri and I did not because my district gave us a full two weeks off (which I have not experiences since I was a small kid in school). So I lazed about for two days, sewing, eating slowly while watching something on tv, reading, grading, sewing some more. Then the temperatures dropped and he and I both had Monday off, and then today (Tues). I love it sooooo much!!! All the other teachers are freaking out about lesson plans and tests, but is it really worth the stress? No. Life goes on. There are more important things to worry about. I don’t have kids to keep entertained and the cat has been sleeping most of the day (I’m assuming still part of her recovery process from Christmas vacation in Iowa with her three new kitty friends or she just sleeps more because of old age; she is 8 after all). So yeah it’s just me, with nothing to do here in my little house!!!