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Last year in January I posted this list for my 2013 sewing projects. While I have sewed several things, none of them were on the upper part of the list.

I made my bedgown which turned out fabulously well and I love wearing it. In the last week of Christmas vacation, I decided I just had to have the Regency half robe. The fashion fabric is gorgeous; I don’t own anything quite like it in my historical clothing wardrobe. I had striped fabric in my stash that went smashingly well with the tiny flower printed fabric. And I used the striped fabric for an 18th century petticoat, so I figure, when I wear my new Regency garment, I can tell people, yes, I ripped up my petticoat to line this new fashionable garment!

For my half robe, I used the top part of my Regency dress from Reconstructing History because I really like the way it fits. Then, I added two square bits to the outside bust area that will have a channel sewn into both top and bottom so it will close with gathers. (I did not have any tiny twill tape, but I had lots of embroidery floss, so I braided myself a little rope!!! I’m such a resourceful Girl Scout). Then I just cut two rectangles for the skirt panels and measured the length based on where I wanted it to hit me on the hip area. So far, all the bodice pieces are lined and the other pieces are cut out. Everything just needs to go together!


Fashion fabric


Sketch of final prodcut


View of back (and Twiggy posing beneath dress form…..sneaky kitty)


Bodice pieces



Hopefully I can get this to fit with one of the HSF challenges and will post final pictures then!


I also made the following this summer/fall which were not on the list:

1. Regency yellow petticoat

2. Regency brown linen apron

3. 18th cent fingerless mitts

4. 18th cent dish bag

5. Modified hems on two petticoats