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Four portions of my kitchen have been reorganized for the new year of ’14!! I originally had only planned 3 – the shelves, closet under the stairs, and the pantry area; however, I realized with the new space in the closet, I could move boxes of dishes out of my upstairs closet and unpack them or restore them, which inspired me to clean and organize my dutch hutch. 

First here are the before and after pictures of the first three areas newly organized. 


The closet is very narrow and oddly shaped: 27 inches at the widest part and then it narrows to 25 near the floor. Yeah old houses are fun. 


Before Area 1: closet under the stairs


There was about two feet of space in the very back that was not even being used! As I struggled to move the shelf, I prayed that there were not mouse turds/nests back there, but it was clear! 


Semi-after: completely cleared out


In the far back area, I have the larger electric cooking materials (i.e. frying pan and griddle). There are a few more boxes back there now that contain dishes that are still in the boxes. Our cupboard space is limited in the kitchen and we like our Correll dishes. 


After Area 1



Small stacking bins are great for holding smaller items



Only items that fit on this shelf are allowed to be in the closet (kleenex, rags, swiffer wet pads, and paper towels)


These are very visible areas as the kitchen/dining area is all one room. I think I’ve done a good job keeping the food neat/tidy, but I just get tired of looking at it. The smaller shelves in the background contain cookbooks and vintage tins (flour, tea, etc), and the three shelves beneath are all frequently used office supplies. 


Before Area 2: the shelves


You can still see a few things inside the baskets, but overall they conceal all of that stuff quite well!! I was slightly disappointed in Target’s lack of variety in baskets. Are they going out of style? They had two choices. And I wasn’t willing to drive all the way across town to Michael’s. Grrrrr.




The pantry area received a new concealing curtain. I wanted a simple, geometric pattern that had vertical lines to draw the eye upward. It’s kind of a dusty grey, blue color. My husband hates it. Well maybe not hate, but is not very keen on it. (For one who hates clutter, the open pantry did not bother him). I still have my receipt, and I’m debating about taking it back and getting something a tad brighter. We both love the new rug though. It strangely matches our counters quite well and adds a new pop of color at the bottom of the stairs. And of course, Twiggy photo-bombed the shot (as cats are wont to do).  




This is my Busia’s dutch hutch that I think she had in her first home when she and my Jadja moved in. It had a cute little niche in the wall where it sat. It contained all the Pfaltzgraff china and on Christmas, she set up the Nativity scene on it. I remember when I was six or seven, I got my first camera with the cool flash bulb you stuck in the top and one of the first things I took a picture of was the Nativity set. 


After Area 4


In the winter, our kitchen area is really bright and cheerful around 10 a.m. and then again on really sunny afternoons as the sun sets.


After Areas 3 and 4


I’m really please with how everything has turned out!!!! Who knows what project I will tackle next.