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My new BHG and WD magazine’s were in the mail when we got back to house. In every issue, they have a “instantly organize the insanity of X” spot in your house. Let’s be honest, most of my things have a place, but is it a beautifully decorated, streamlined, bhg worthy picture? Not even close. Ha. During the school year, I need all the living spaces to be super functional so I can go through them in a whirlwind getting ready for school, being gone for 12 hours 6 days a week, and coming home after those 12 hours to hastily throw something together for dinner. The extent of my organization includes a fun vintage looking basket midway up the back staircase to toss used kitchen towels into when I don’t feel like walking them upstairs to the laundry area. Functional obviously is the key word. My mother was never really one for “decorating.” When my sister and I were young, everything had it’s place but there was not a lot of vignettes or decorative storage areas. We had fun antique pieces of furniture (buffet that held dishes/linens, a chest for greeting cards, an old victrola for alcohol) and that was it. So I have always dreamed about a super organized home, that is very functional with beautifully designed storage areas. My mother is the queen of getting tons of crap into small spaces and luckily that trait has been passed down to my sister and I. Our cottage closets were designed with her trait in mind. So right now I have three areas (ok maybe 4, but I’m choosing 3) in my kitchen, that are packed full of frequently used items near the top/outer edge and who knows what in the way back. 

After reading/looking at all the pictures in the two magazines, I thought, what am I waiting around for? I know I don’t want to grade papers or do anything else today…..so what’s the problem? There are probably tons of good deals at Target too! Therefore, I am headed to the stores to purchase fun, functional, and pretty looking storage whatnots so I can get things under control in the kitchen!!!! I fully intend to go through the closet and shelf area and toss out anything that is not being used. I must keep the inspiration/motivation levels high!!! I can’t take the Scarlett O’Hara route and say, “after all tomorrow is another day.” 

Before and after pics to follow eventually.