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As I’m sure most seamstresses and/or costumers can attest, putting a project on a “to do” list and then finishing and wearing said project is incredible. Sense of accomplishment – right here. Back in the spring/early summer, I had the pieces cut out for the bedgown. I wasn’t sure how I would fix the “collar problem” as noted in the directions/comments of another sewer who posted the original pattern with directions. Therefore, I focused on sewing the side seams and hemming the front edges. Then I had to pleat the sides from the hip down. Luckily, because of the gown workshop and sewing more petticoats, I now understood what type of pleats I needed. At an event in September, I looked at someone’s bedgown and realized I had sewn down the pleats the proper way as well! Yay. Then, a few weeks ago, I had a dream about sewing and instantly popped out of bed with a ton of motivation. I sewed all morning. Finally, I was ready to sew the collar together. Thanks to my mother-in-law, I now own a dress form. I don’t think I could have figured out the collar without the dress form. I pinned an extra insert of fabric at the gap where it would cover my neck and then I sewed it in to place. Magically, the pieces fit, and a beautifully curved collar appeared. Hemming was last and the most tedious. For the first quarter, I think I made my stitches too small. Saturday morning, at an event, I finished hemming my garment so I could actually, finally wear it!! And I did just that. After wearing a jacket or gown all day that pulls my arms back in a way that my 21st century body is not used to, my new bedgown was delightful. Even though I’m sitting in this picture, I think it does the garment justice. I’m wearing the striped garment – my newest addition to my 18th century wardrobe.


In this photo, we are vigorously sewing sleeves for a regimental.

Of course, at the time of this writing, I cannot locate the original blog I had read the directions on. When I find, I will provide credit.