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This was the prompt from The Writer magazine. Packing….hmmm like heat? I guess for me this is really literal. The end of summer comes with three reenacting weekends in a row. I wait all summer for them (because besides being at my cottage, they are the most fun) and then they are over; poof! Just like that. A friend in my unit have adopted of “subsist for 48 hrs on as little as you can.” Yet, I have always followed the Girl Scout rule of, if you can carry it, you can bring it. Ha. When reenacting and staying overnight for the event, I like to have a fresh change of everything. The only thing I don’t mind wearing again is one or two petticoats because if they already smell like smoke and I’ll be around the fire all day, why not start the day by smelling smokey. Plus, who doesn’t like the smell of campfire. I also like to wear at least 3 petticoats. It’s more fun and kind of freaks people out. I usually wear one plain and two striped…because I can. The French love their stripes! So I’m at least bringing six petticoats with me. Then, I have my jacket and/or gown. I like to bring both….because they are pretty. Those are the main garments, not even the undergarments; only one set of stays, but at least 3 – 4 pairs of stockings (in case I fall in a lake or something), pockets, shoes, etc. This is just what I wear. I am slowly acquiring more sewing gear and camp/cook gear too. It’s fun, but I can really see how this gets out of control quickly!

All of my lovely 18th century items get lovingly packed into my car for three weekends in a row. It helps me start the school year off in a positive mindset which I love.

Cooking breakfast at Pioneer Village 2013

Cooking breakfast at Pioneer Village 2013