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Sadly, I have few pictures from this event or the ones I did take, did not turn out as well as I’d hoped. As a result, I’m considering getting a new camera or constantly stealing my husband’s when important events require photographic evidence! Alas, this was a fabulous event. I’ve gone regularly over the past few years, but now that I’ve been in the organization a bit, I’m meeting tons of people and I’m becoming more involved which I like. Specifically, I had the opportunity to accomplish something that has always interested me/been my dream (since I was very young). Back when my parents took me to living history museums or to reenactments, the interpreters were largely doing first person interpretations. I was magically transported to another world that I desperately wanted/needed to join and I felt this with every fiber of my being (sorry for the cliche, but it is true). As I grew up, I searched for opportunities where I could make this dream a reality. My sister and I regularly played pretend (up until I was 13 at least) and as anyone who reads a lot knows….it’s not true playing pretend unless you and your siblings and/or friends give yourself alternate names/personalities and develop a vast plot line involving many melodramatic events. Then, when in college and working at a historic lighthouse, I was able to do some first person interp in costume. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. However, other work duties usually took precedence in the morning and evening portion of the work day, so I could not fully immerse myself in the world the way I dreamed about. Then, came reenacting. Woohoo! I was one step closer. I had my clothes. I made my clothes. I met people. It was fabulous. Then I started cooking over the fire more. heh. Fun times. Finally, I was invited to work in an 18th century tavern. I had visited the tavern before as a guest and that was fun because I felt like, yes, this is what someone like me could have done back then! But I was at the tavern for much of the weekend, guided by two wonderful people who are fabulous teachers who made me feel most welcome, and time was spent cooking, washing dishes, and serving people all in first person. GOAL ACHIEVED. Now I crave more!!!! This has truly set me on the path to developing a first person character and staying in character for the entire weekend. If this is not intrinsic motivation, I don’t know what is.