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I love flowers. I’m a girl. What can I say. Though cliche and stereotypical, I picked countless bouquets for my mom at the cottage in the summer. I still enjoy clipping fresh flowers/foliage from around my yard starting in early spring and going into fall. Who doesn’t? But this summer, I had a job. I drove down the same highways each day. The best part about those drives: watching the seasonal flowers bloom and die back and new ones take their place.

At the start of June, there was a lot of purple cone flower, and other delicate yellow flowers (I could’t get close enough to identify), and thistle….lots of tall purple thistle. Then, mid to late June, the chickory bloomed; the color is fabulous. After that, the tall Queen Anne’s Lace and Mullein take over. Finally in August, the colors become extremely bright – it’s like the last hurrah of the summer; the Black-Eyed susan (I think), and some really bright pink spikey flowers.

Now the golden rod is out and it’s such a “fall subdued” color. I have truly enjoyed seeing this change and it brought just a tad more happiness to my days.