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The first we moved into our house, my dad and my husband did a slight remodel to the upstairs “man bathroom” (aka mathroom? maroom? haha). The previous owners had put in a two seater outhouse seat over the toilet – they thought it was rustic. Well, yest, it was certainly that and a lot more! Can anyone say: bacteria haven?! Sick. Hiding underneath the seat was actually a really nice, expensive toilet! Hurray.

Since then, we’ve done nothing to the room. Last summer, I got paint cards in various pale blue hues and hung them all over the bathroom so we could stare at them. The current ceiling is primed in a dull beige and the walls are either decent wood paneling (kind of tongue and groove but not really), wide board stained dark, or cheap wide boards with a horridly rough texture to them and painted an icky 80s “french” blue. I’m not tearing anything out. I don’t have that kind of time, patience, or knowledge and the walls are not in bad condition. So paint it is! And if the next owner hates it, they can rip it all out.

Finally, Sherwin Williams has a 40% off sale on paints and 30% off on stains. A few ideas from pinterest and here we go! I’m not going to start painting tomorrow because I work Tues, so it might be the weekend after. We’ll see. I’m just excited to start this project because my husband can’t keep living in an ugly bathroom. On his behalf, I can’t stand it.

Pictures will come later as I take them and the progress begins!