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Back in January, I posted about the projects on my “dream list” for the summer. It’s now mid July. How many have actually been completed: zero. Oops. However, the jacket I started making out of the striped fabric (historically accurate, but in case I mess up, I won’t be crushed), has since been turned into a pair of quilted jumps because when I laid out my pattern pieces on the fabric, I did not account for the sleeves and there was no more fabric, so I just have four bodice sections. This project was not on the list. Hehe.

Then after going to a Rev War event in Silver Lake, WI where it always seems to be extremely hot, I realized I really need the bedgown. After wearing a corset four days a week for work, I could not bring myself to wear my 18th century stays. I didn’t really like the thought of going around in just a chemise and having creepers creeping on me all day so I decided the bedgown must be finished first!!!! I’m not making it reversible like I had originally planned because that would be too much lining and making teeny stitches that I don’t have the patience for in this summer heat. I also don’t want to be sweaty/uncomfortable when I wear the garment at events. The point is to be able to move and not faint. Because this garment is made from one giant piece of fabric folded in half, there is not a ton of sewing so I’m hand sewing it. After making the round gown in the workshop, I now understand how to make the pleating in the back of the bedgown as well. I couldn’t get two pleats to come together because the fabric was difficult and I was tired, so I left it at one and it fits. And it’s good enough for who it’s for!

The last time I worked on it, some of my stitching got wonky/janky and was not even at all!!! Either I was too tired or not paying very close attention. I normally don’t mark where I need to stitch except for the first inch or so to make sure I’m the proper distance from the edge of the fabric. Needless to say, I ended up ripping out about two inches worth of stitches and then I thought, yeah I’m done for the day. I closed up shop. Now today, on my day off, I’m ready to go back and attack and hopefully finish sewing side seams and cutting the pink lining. Yes the lining is pink! 🙂

As you can see, back in January, this project was not a top priority. But now it is and I’m excited to finish it. Hopefully by the end of the summer I can also finish my jumps and possibly the jacket. I really want a new jacket!