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I survived my 7th yr of teaching. Somehow, I can’t believe it’s been that long. Just today while out in my studio, I found the letter that the staff at my first summer job out of college wrote to me as part of my farewell gift. They really were the best women to work for. I worked three days a week that summer: Mon, Tues, Wed. I think. I don’t know how I lucked out with that part time gig!

I thought the school year would never end especially once I found out that my husband was done teaching June 7, and I went until the 13th! Oh the agony!!!!! The last week went especially fast and I’m so impressed at how quickly I had everything graded. It was a small miracle. My room also got tidied up quickly because I had several kids take down posters and organize some other stuff for me. For some reason, I always left taking down posters to the very last minute and I hated it. No idea why. New way to overcome that hate: get other people to help. Also, I think I’m on an every other year for organizing my files. I was soooo on top of filing last year at the end when I just went on a filing mad-woman spree and somehow got all the extras and originals back into the manila folders in the cabinet — yep I’m really old school. But this year I made it through about half the stack and decided it wasn’t worth it. I chucked it all in a box and I know that if I need anything next year, it’s in that box. So it goes. (Oh Vonnegut).

I also landed my dream job this summer: costumed interpreter at Old World Wisconsin. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always ALWAYS wanted to dress up in “oldy time” clothes (as most call them) and work in historic buildings. So I figured, hey, I’m 30, have summers free and don’t have any kids; why not? Obviously my first choice for summer life is to be at WFP, but costumed interp is right up there. I interviewed back in April, was offered the position in May, and started June 18. Everyone is super friendly and I thoroughly enjoy being out in the open under the blue sky. After 9 months in a windowless, white box, I’ll take the glaring sun and feisty thunderstorms. I watch the turkeys roam about and nudge their chicks across the dirt path; I hear the lamb bleating to her mom; I’m meeting tons of people who love history and historic clothing as much as I do — it can’t get much better.

This week, we celebrate Independence Day. There is a flag raising ceremony, a parade, sing-a-longs, and other festivities. I can’t wait! It should be a swell time. Then, July is Laura Ingalls Wilder month. I volunteered to help monitor a dress up box in one of the buildings! Ha. I love that stuff.

Here is a pic of me in my clothing for my job. I work in the village which represents the 1870’s in Wisconsin. Underneath all that I wear (in this order) a chemise, corset (from Period Corsets), a petticoat,  a lobster tail bustle (my life is one more step nearer completion), another petticoat with lots of frills on the bottom, then my skirt, (and in this pic) the “apron,” and then the bodice/blouse.


Whenever I wear any historic clothing – 18th century, Regency, 1870’s – it makes me feel really feminine. I love getting dressed up and looking “put together.” The other day, I was walking back to my building (and wearing the dress from the pic) and I waved to some people and didn’t think anything of it. Then, a while later, the same people came into my building and the woman just walked right up to me, and said, “We saw you walking down the road, and I love your dress. You carry it so well. It’s very becoming.” 😀 Instant GEEK OUT! Yay thank you so much!!! It’s always wonderful when other people recognize a historic outfit. It’s turning out to be a great summer thus far!