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We were going to go to Chocolate Fest in Burlington, WI because it’s just down the road. I love chocolate and really wanted to ride the ferris wheel. However, it is raining. And it looks like it is going to rain all day today. The cat is hunkered down in the kitchen and she almost went out onto the porch until she heard the rain again. On top of that, yesterday she experienced her 4 worst sounds: tin foil, trash bags being opened, rain, and fireworks. So yeah. Today is not much better. Poor kitty.

I purchased new flowers to replace the asters that died. It makes me soooo mad that the cheap Walmart flowers died. Maybe it was too cold; maybe the dirt in the boxes was too moist – who knows. Menard’s was having a good sale so I got 4 osteospermum – two in the darker purple/magenta shown in the photo and two in a lighter white-ish purple. I got two impatiens – I think mine are the “celebration bright salmon” variety. The pansies have gotten really big and the catnip is also taking over. I was going to get koleus because that did well in the heat last year, but they only had king sized ones and that would look weird with my other shorter plants and there wasn’t really room for something that big.

Two more weeks of school (official classes) and then exams. It should be a blast. My kids have to write one more essay which we will somehow crank out in two weeks. We’re writing informative news articles and if they don’t get their interviews done, they won’t be able to write. *sigh* Let’s hope they actual take my warnings to heart and accomplish their work.