Last year at this time, it was in the 60s, sometimes 70s. My crocuses, daffodils, and narcissus all popped up and bloomed and died back before Easter. Currently, a good deal of snow still covers the ground and at least it’s been warm-ish enough to melt the snow on the driveway, but the gravel/sand/mud mixture is kind of gloppy and mushes around my boots when I walk to the garage.

Last summer, we tore out a portion of the garden in the middle of the yard that was all mucky with weeds. We put down layers of grass clippings and cardboard hoping it will all rot over the winter/spring and we’ll have some good dirt for planting this spring. This garden strip is in full sun all day so it will be a great spot for planting all those fun sunny plants/flowers so they can come back year after year. I guess we really will have to wait until May to plant anything. I keep looking at too many photos of gardens and I just can’t decide what types of plants and flowers I want. I just want it to be pretty and survive the heat. That’s all.

It’s funny how the cat can tell when the seasons are changing. She is shedding like crazy; fur floats behind her as she walks from one room to the next. In the mornings (about 4) she runs around like something is chasing her. She meows incessantly while running. She has soooo much pent up energy from not being able to take walks around the yard. Soon kitty. soon. Today we sat on the deck (because it was clean and dry) and a bunch of birds started cheeping like mad and the cat ran out into the yard to go investigate, but realized she was walking on the cold, crusty snow, and she immediately stopped and turned around and picked her way back to the house. She was not so amused any more.