It’s halfway through everything. This post is not very thoughtful because it’s a Sunday, and while I got 12 hours of sleep last night, I’m still mentally out of it. The week takes everything out of me. I’m at school until 6:30 or 7 most nights coaching. Then I come home dog-tired (kitty-tired?), and attempt to throw dinner together. Luckily, the husband has been in charge of Saturday night dinners lately because my forensic tournaments last longer than his………even on the days when we went to the same tournament, he was still home almost an hour before I was. What gives?

Anyway, only three more tournaments left (two weekends plus state) and then spring will be here. Now that I’ve written as much as I have, I am not really sure what I intended to say in the first place. Well, here is a boring update: it was sunny today. I saw some birds. I think something large-ish is living under our porch because there are tracks and a little muddy spot where something (cat-sized-ish) seems to be sliding on its belly to go under the porch. Awesome. Can’t wait for those babies to be born. We have a decent amount of snow, but not as much as my parents up north. The front yard piles are at least five feet tall. We still eat oatmeal every Sunday. Grading gets done. I’m reading five nonfiction books; more on those later. I love juice. My plants are all growing and green. I wish it were summer. The end.