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Today was the first Forensics tournament. After working 7, 12 hour days, I prepared myself for waking up at my usual 5 a.m., but this time, on Sat morning. The alarm sounded and I jumped out of bed, ready for the day. I was not even 20 min into my morning routine when I was suddenly over come with chills, sweats, and near fainting. I had to call in sick for the tournament and thankfully my wonderful assistant coach, who was not planning on attending because of other commitments, rearranged his schedule so the team could still go. I can’t believe that after all our hard work and dedication throughout the week, my body betrayed me. It frustrates me so. I love tournaments. I love them even though they take the majority of the Saturday and a lot of my energy, but being with the kids and watching them succeed, improve, and bond with one another surpasses any caffeine headache I may have by the end of the day. It’s the end of the semester. Exams start on Monday. Could this be my body telling me that I’m overworked? Hmmm.