Two things.

First, I’m officially moved in to my art studio. Can I just say that having a “room of my own” is the best thing ever? I love living with my husband; I really do. It’s everything I ever wanted in a relationship, but the ability to step outside, walk a few yards to my studio, and sit down and create whatever inspires me at that moment is a beautiful thing! It took several weekends to move all the “crafty items” over, but even the hubby loves the new, less cluttered corners/closets of our house. 🙂 Never cleaning up a craft in progress is wonderful.

Secondly, this is more of a question for middle/high school English teachers out there. How much do you emphasize annotations? Do you force your kids to annotate everything they read? If so, why? If so, do you assess their annotations and constantly show them good models so they improve? If so, is this your personal philosophy or one pushed by your department, school, or district? If you don’t have your kids annotate, why is that? Currently, my philosophy is a little in flux. I believe one thing. My husband, also a high school English teacher, believes something different. I guess I’m just trying to survey people from outside the Midwest to see what others use in their classroom. I really want to serve my students the best I can and prepare them for the real world. Thanks for providing input!