Sometimes, I tend to pick up my kids lingo/slang. A few years “beast” was one of them. I’m a fan of words and how definitions change and I’m intrigued each year when new words become slang. So one day a few years ago, one of my students commented, “Wow Mrs. H – You are beast at grading!!” meaning I was really fast and super duper awesome at it. Why, thank you for your compliment dear student.

This weekend, I kept thinking about my student’s compliment. I made it my goal to grade 76 essays. Most of these essays were 3 – 6 pages in length. I almost made it. For as goal oriented as I am, I’m also good at prioritizing and assessing my work load when I realize my goal is a bit lofty. After the cat caught a bird (her first one ever (she’s an indoor cat too)) and after a lengthy phone conversation with my mother, obviously making it through all 76 papers was not a realistic goal. Yet, I really enjoy reading my students writing and giving them feedback to help them improve their writing. While I did not make any progress on any of my own personal household tasks (cleaning/organizing), I reveled in completing an entire section’s essays in time for class at 9:30 this morning. And I was happy to hear again, “Wow you are beast at grading!! I can’t believe you read all these this weekend!”