My parents visited this weekend and my dad and husband re-roofed the lower portion of the outbuilding that has now become my arts and crafts studio. It was painted a pinky-melon color this summer by me and my mom and I held off on further decorating/moving in items because I did not want any of my materials to get ruined by water. (Any one who crafts/sews knows how much time, money, and effort is invested into products). I “know” how to roof, but I’ve never actually done it. Nor will I ever. But my husband and I do not have the resources to pay someone for this project. Luckily, my dad has built several things as well as re-roofed several buildings. The two of them got it done in two days!! My mom and I took care of little projects around the house and more and more of the livings spaces are becoming efficiently organized.

I have a day off of school so everything part of my being screams “ORGANIZE YOUR ART STUDIO! DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF!” but as so many teachers know, a day off is heaven in the amount of grading that can be accomplished. As a result, here I am in my usual spot (couch), with a cup of cocoa and PBS documentaries playing. It’s quiet, sunny, and as soon as I finish writing here, I will attack a stack of rubrics. 

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