Southeastern WI hit 70 degrees today!! I can’t believe it; at the end of October, it felt almost muggy after school today. My windowless classroom (did I mention I don’t see daylight for over 9.5 hrs?) reached a balmy 85+ degrees by 2 p.m. The seniors were miserable taking notes. Heh. Because coaching the team has not officially started, I left school by 3:45 today and saw the sun and embraced the fresh, warm breeze from the south. Thank you whatever jet stream/air current brought us that!!  Our house had the curtains drawn for the duration of the day and when I arrived home, the deliciously cool inside prickled my skin. But I could not sit inside and look at face book. I ditched my knee socks and long pants for capris and I think I had my final day of wearing flip flops outside – also excellent. Though my fall/Thanksgiving decorations are up, I really like having these warm bits throughout the week. 🙂 The temp is supposed to drop back down on Friday. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So it goes. I won’t complain when I’m freezing on my drive to work. I’ll be cozy in my classroom that trapped all of today’s heat!