Well, there were 35 people (including returning members) at the forensics meeting today. I ordered a cake. It was amazing. I love cake. So do the kids. Everything went super smoothly and for once, my team was not constantly talking over me. We had a surprise performance which the returning team adored and hopefully the new members enjoyed it too. I really hope all of the “newbies” stick around. Forensics is pretty much the best activity ever. Who doesn’t want to be awesome public speaking? I love coaching and I’m super excited to meet new members and share my passion for public speaking with them. Nothing warms the soul more than waking up at 3 a.m. on a frosty winter Saturday (after a 70 hr work week) to get on a bus with a bunch of chatty teens and then spend the entire day with them through the triumphs and tragedies that encompass so many of their lives in just 12 hours. It’s the best.