This weekend was divided into two days: 1) Saturday – me time/arts and crafts and 2) Sunday – school time. I did exactly what I set out to accomplish on Saturday which was finishing an embroidery project I started about two weeks ago. It turned out really well. When working without a pattern, it is always interesting to see if the spacing will work out and/or that the objects are balanced. The spacing is perfect and I love the colors I chose. Since this summer, I’ve discovered I’m really fast at the backstitch now, which makes me happy because it is the main stitch I use when sewing 18th cent clothing of most kinds. For the other details on this new piece, I used chain stitch and a filler stitch. The filler stitch took the longest because I stare super intently at the fabric to make sure everything is lining up correctly. And because I have no pattern, I’m literally staring at the warp/weft of the fabric. But I had good natural light and that made it easy.

Sunday, I went into school for three hours. I have put off making a giant poster for the last two weeks because I did not want to spend my prep time drawing for fear that someone would tell me it was a waste of my time. So there I sat on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. all alone in the hallway outside my door. It was utterly silent. The perfect condition for coloring letters. Then, to top it all, I had to stop because my blue marker (which was brand new) started running out. For shame. Alas my poster will not be hung until I have procured a new blue marker.